What is SongSynergy?

SongSynergy, a RadioFlag brand is a worldwide collaborative effort, by a network of music industry professionals, groups and College Radio DJs, that come together to discover the most promising new indie artists, and invest in getting their best songs produced and heard by a global audience! SongSynergy’s mission is to help maximize the potential of the most talented bands, by giving them the support and resources they deserve, empowering them to remain indie, focus on their music and ultimately achieve their biggest dreams without "old guard" interference.

SongSynergy will provide an alternative to conventional major and even indie music companies and labels. We seek to fill the "in between" void, by supplying select emerging indie artists with unique assets and human capital, also facilitated by flexible record deals in favor of the artists - on only a song by song basis. SongSynergy will stand by its chosen artists every step of the way, from development and recording to global distribution via RadioFlag's web and mobile app properties and platforms.

SongSynergy support includes all paid travel to and from our recording studios located in San Clemente, a world renowned surf town in south Orange County, California, where we will produce and record chosen artists' music. Additional support will include legal services, marketing, promotion and publishing.

The 'Sounding Board'

RadioFlag’s network of college Radio DJs will play a critical role in SongSynergy. Select DJs will be members of SongSynergy's 'SoundingBoard'. This board will in essence act as a uniquely operating advisory board. Those chosen will serve as talent scouts, promoters and distributors of our signed artists and music.

The 'Sounding Board' comprised of DJs, is a very big part of the process. The process is as follows:

When RadioFlag DJs discover promising artists in their local communities, they will nominate them for a 'Best Artist' RadioStar Award. All 'Best Artist' nominees will be considered as bands 'SongSynergy' will sign. SongSynergy will then select the top 5 or 10 artists finalists it feels are the best fit, and have the most potential.

A list of select artists finalists will be sent to our 'Sounding Board' members. They will then have a period of time to test market the music SongSynergy feels best represents each of the select artists. The Sounding Board DJs will share the sound and image of the band with fellow radio DJs, music lovers on campus, and even give them radio airplay to see what kind of response they get.

Each member on the 'Sounding Board' will then rank the list of select artists finalists, based on their findings. DJs are only permitted to vote on artists they have not submitted for nomination. Their findings will then be analyzed, and then based on that accumulated info, an artist we will be selected to sign and work with 'SongSynergy'.

The DJ who scouted and discovered the artist 'SongSynergy' signs, will benefit on behalf of their radio station. Should the signed artist become a success, proceeds generated will be shared with the radio station in the form of a donation, and the DJ and station will forever be tied to the artist’s career and success! The scout DJ may also be flown in to observe the recordings.

Explaining the SongSynergy Logo

The logo was designed in a way, to stay consistent with the RadioFlag logo, establishing SongSynergy as a RadioFlag brand. The large dot at the bottom of the song note symbolizes the artist, and the collection of dots on top symbolizes all of the synergistic contributing partners who will help the artist. The RadioFlag logo itself depicts two flags … the one in blue representing socially connected listeners and all other users. And the other in white - represents the Radio DJs they tune in to and interact with.

The tag line 'Early Stage to Global Stage' explains the SongSynergy mission in an abstract manner. The phrase 'early stage' was chosen because it is often used when describing tech start ups during their development, and SongSynergy management feels that bands are in essence also start ups. The reference to 'Global Stage' of course represents the exposure SongSynergy can give new artists via RadioFlag's web and mobile applications.

Skie Music Group Partnership

RadioFlag has partnered with Skie Music Group, a recording and production studio located in San Clemente, CA. The important resources Skie Music Group adds to this partnership, helps make SongSynergy possible.

Artists that are not chosen for signing, but who may be in the area, will be offered a discount for recording services at Skie Music, if they mention they were referred by RadioFlag.

Studio Images