MarauderVerity/The Loose Cannon (@marauderverity) - Hilo, Hawai'i

I am just a simple half-blooded Gryffindor who does a radio show as a Hufflepuff. If you want wizard rock/strange nerdy music in Hilo, I'm your witch. The Spirit Of Vizzy with DJ MarauderVerity, University Radio Hilo's only (so, probably best) wizard rock show is on-air every Friday from 6:00 to 8:00pm Hawai'i Standard Time. I also play music for the muggles (indie, nerdy, etc). As The Loose Cannon, I host Explicit Mox Violence every Wednesday from 10:00pm to midnight HST, bringing you mostly hip-hop and rap, though also featuring some surprises (just like any good wrestler). All of my shows feature terrible karaoke (#terriblekaraoke, #EmoWednesday), so if you feel like having a laugh, feel free to tune in. If you like the music I play on my show, check out my at That keeps a record on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I listen to and play both on and off my shows, so check it out.