Andrew Serna (@DruDeep) - SF Bay Area

I host a radio show on 90.1 KZSU called The Loop 9am-noon(pst) every Monday. You will hear everything from downtempo beats,detroit beatdown sounds, chicago house, techno and everything that is good Underground. On top of live guests and exclusive mixes, I also have a couple featured releases each week. (Some of my past guests) {Motor City Drum Ensemble- !K7 Records, FACES Records/MCDE/Four Roses Recordings-Germany} {Pepe Bradock-KIf-France} {Luke Solomon-MFF/Classic} {Roman Fl├╝gel-Playhouse-Germany} {Wally Callerio-Dufflebag} {Martin O'Brien-Gathering} {Derek Scott aka The Rhythmist-Dobox Recordings} {James Curd-Greenskeepers-Chicago/Australia} {Axel Boman-Sweden} {Chris Carrier-Catwash/Robsoul-France} {Mr. White} {Jonra Babiracki-DESIGNFORMS-Los Angeles} {Joshua Marquez of "UNEAQ"-Clique Trax/Great Lakes Audio} {Mark Farina-Great Lakes Audio} {DJ Heather-BlackCherry} {Mike " Agent X'" Clark-Detroit-Beatdown Sounds} {Hector Moralez-The Factory/Robsoul} {John Larner-Muzique Boutique} {Leonard-In House} {Stevian-Electronic Generation} {Anthony Mansfield-Hector Works} {Ivan Ruiz-Hidden Cove} {J-Funk-Jump Recordings} {Marcus Jerard} {Joint Effort} {Fil Latorre} {Marissa Guzman} {Craig Hamilton-Flatpack Traxx} {Nick Garcia} {Don Kainoa-Bridge The Gap} {Shubert} {DJ Suite-The Greenhouse} {Christiano Intrigue-I.L.H.M} {Robb Swinga-1200 Traxx} {Pezzner-Freerange-Seattle} {Cole Odin Berggren-Taco Tuesday} {Lay-Far} {Kolour Recordings} {Tyrel Williams-Acid Test} {Vincent Kwok} {Blunted Monkz-Soul Imago-Faces Records} {Chris Lum-Moulton Studios} {Dave Aju-Circus Company} {Courtney Nielsen} {Jesse Shay} {DJ Ika-Beat Exposure} {Andre Lucero} {Carlos-SF} {Kez YM} {Frank Booker} {Darren Holland-London} {Christoper Leath} /////////////////// Check out nice article that RadioFlag gave THE LOOP. Get in #TheLOOP w/ the #NorCal #electronic #underground scene. Read over here.