To enter the RadioFlag ‘selective listening’ experience, you can register directly from the RadioFlag website, or download the application from the Apple App Store or Android Market. RadioFlag apps are currently available for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android Phones and Android tablets.

Getting Started

To begin, simply program your favorite interests / topics, stations and people. Immediately your designated FlagCasts will display current - relevant content, personalized for you. Your FlagCasts will direct listeners not only to local radio, but to stations with internet streams which translates to thousands of U.S., stations and soon to include satellite and international stations.  

Performing Searches

Conventional search engines, can only search written documents. But RadioFlag, at its core, has developed its search engine to monitor live radio broadcasts. Search all content with ease and find anything of interest. You can search by topic or by message content for interviews, hosts and shows; or for other radio listeners and radio stations.  By saving your interests, stations and fellow listeners, your favorite content is always easy to find and allows you to specify exactly what you are searching for.  Never again miss your favorite celebrity and athlete interviews, preferred music or unique topics of interest. You can also easily enter a search term(s) of interest on the fly. For example, enter  london summer olympics in the search box, and immediately you will be directed to stations broadcasting interviews and discussion focused on these search terms and returning live streams to stations playing what you want to hear.

Creating a “Flag”

The flag is your tool to connect to the RadioFlag community. In 140 characters or less, you can create a flag to describe broadcasted content or to simply join the conversation and comment on other flags. Flags connect users with the broadcast radio universe around them and other listeners tuning in. Once you discover the content you want, you can begin listening to the broadcast directly from your computer or phone and start flagging. Users are encouraged to create flags that are relevant to current broadcasts, are interesting and well-timed. A flag may announce to others what is upcoming on a station minutes before the broadcast, comment about on air content during the broadcast or react to flags from others. You can leave your screen to the default setting, which only displays stations with working internet streams via our application, or you can switch to ‘show all’ and the screen will display all stations in the database. This way you can still flag from your device about content heard on other devices such as your home stereo or car radio.

Your Listening Network

Those users who join your listening network are counted as your “listeners.” When joining the network of another listener, you would be “tuned in” to them.

Blocking Flags

If you want to block flags from other users appearing in your 'Listeners FlagCast' due to offensive or irrelevant / inaccurate content, RadioFlag allows you to “tune out” that user.

Tagging your Flag

Users are encouraged to create flags with a meaningful tag, which will allow other users with similar interests discover your listening habits and enable listener feedback, and even to use it to find new listeners.  You can tag by entering a #tag in the body of the flag message or by simply pressing the tag content button and entering one or choose from a pre-selected list to speed tag.  To save flag content space, users may use tiny URL's that can be embedded as links to other content on the web relevant to your flag message.


Upon accessing RadioFlag, if you wish to quickly check what is happening now, RadioFlag enables you to browse which interests, listeners, and or stations are currently trending. A trending algorithm will push the most popular topics to the top of a list. By contributing to the FlagCasts, you, as a listener can influence radio station programming. Show programmers and hosts will have access to valuable real-time listener data and audience trending, enabling them to better serve their listeners with programming most in demand, even as it changes minute by minute and topic by topic.

Listener Profiles

When checking your own profile, you can click on one of your listener’s profiles and access statistics related to their listening patterns, including who they are tuned into and who is tuned into them. You can even share flags you create with Facebook and Twitter. You can also directly reply to listener flags via email or re-flag the content.  The application is both fun and easy to use. We encourage you to invite your friends to join RadioFlag and share in the Selective Listening experience. Soon the experience will be even better, as we work to prepare our release of version 2.0, which will further improve usability by adding exciting new features .

Helpful Hints

@mentions are a great way to communicate with fellow listeners. This way when those users see your flags addressed to them, they will likely respond to you directly, and most likely 'tune in' to you, being added to your listener base. When logging in, you may also want to check to see if other listeners @mentioned you when you were away. Do so, by simply entering @yourusername in the search box and select 'search flags'. All flags directed to you will appear.

When Introducing and sharing brand new music to fellow listeners when flagging, have even more fun by using RadioFlag compatible applications such as 'SoundHound' or 'Shazam'. When hearing a new or unfamiliar song playing on a station ... you can simply launch either of these song recognition applications, and you will then know the song name, artist and even lyrics which you can then include in your flag. By doing so, many more listeners will 'tune in' to you, as their new trusted source for new music.

Quick Start for Radio DJ's and Talk Hosts

As a busy Radio DJ or Talk Host, it is best to operate from the website when on the air.

Register directly from the RadioFlag website. Select a recognizable user name.

Load an appealing avatar so users can easily identify you.

Write a brief and interesting bio of yourself, your show and station and note your on air schedule.

Program your interests, so users can see what they may have in common with you.

Program your favorite stations, starting obviously with your own.

Find and select as favorites (tune in) other users you like and find interesting.

Next, enter your station (KUCI) into the search box upper right corner. Select stations and enter.

When your station ID is returned, you will land on your station flagcast. The station FlagCast filters flags from the broadcast and makes visible only flags from listeners tuning into and creating content about your station and even your show when you are the Radio Talk Host on air.

Begin Flagging about what you want your listeners to know about your show. In the ‘Create Flag’ box simply type your message and click post when done. You will then see your flag appear on your station Flagcast. Your flag will also appear on the Broadcast which is where all users will see it and hopefully be interested enough to click over and listen to you and your station.

To view the action on the unfiltered LIVE Broadcast, click on the globe icon in the top left corner. To edit your profile click on the down arrow under your user name in the top right corner.

Sharing your posted flag other ways: On your posted flag, you will see icons which allow you to share it with your twitter and facebook accounts, and with those in your email address book.

You can easily embed a website address or youtube video by simply copying and pasting into your flag post.

To easily communicate with other listeners, when you see a flag of interest and want to respond, click on the @ reply button on their flag, and create and post your flag.

Note: Also, always click refresh to see any new flags that may have been posted by users.

* Also remember, what is important is that you promote your show by flagging, even if you do not see flags from users interacting with you or other users about your show. Our analytics show that the majority of users watch and listen. Like most social networks, 100pct of the content is produced by 10 to 20 pct of the users. They are listening!

Radio Talk Host user tip: To bolster listener loyalty, when on air be sure to ask your listeners to find you on RadioFlag, tune you in as a favorite and flag about your station, your show and communicate with you and their fellow listeners.