The RadioStar Awards panel of judges includes radio industry professionals, RadioStar Blog writers, and RadioFlag interns. Winners are chosen based on which show / DJ(s) demonstrate the best effort to grow their audience, connect with listeners, broadcast with quality sound, introduces listeners to new music and artists, and showcase an innovative format and original content. When considering best Artists, our judges consider original sound, talent, long term potential, presentation, ability to connect with listeners / new fans, and promote their music. Most RadioFlag nominated shows / DJs are deserving, so it is always a very difficult decision, however only a select few can be named 'RadioStar Award Winners'! Our judges will have different tastes in music, style, presentation and content from one RadioStar Awards edition to the next. So be sure to continue promoting your show or band as you have already generated attention and a following. Nominees from the previous season's RadioStar Awards edition automatically roll over and qualify as nominees for next year's RadioStar Awards edition. Note: Last season's RadioStar Awards winners are not eligible again until next year's RadioStar Awards edition (i.e Fall 2014 winners not eligible again until Fall 2015).

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Best Variety Show


Best Talk Show

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Best Sports Show

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Best Artist(s)

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