The RadioStar Awards panel of judges includes radio industry professionals, RadioStar Blog writers, and RadioFlag interns. At the end of each year, RadioFlag will choose a College Radio 'Station of the Year' award winner. The winner will be chosen based on which station demonstrates the best unified effort to grow their audience and connect with listeners. Most RadioFlag stations are deserving, and it is surely a difficult decision, however only one can be named 'Station of the Year'! RadioFlag will pledge a cash donation to the winning station.


KRFH Rules from the Heart of the Redwood Forest and Beyond...

This year they reached our hearts at RadioFlag as well, and that is why we had to give them the title of "Station of the Year". Those who selected the RadioStar Awards winners, felt that from the get go, KRFH as a whole, just gets "it"! Maybe it's living in the most Northern part of California, amongst the oldest and tallest trees, whose biomass per acre is higher than any forest on earth, that makes Humboldt State University's college radio station so special . Maybe there is something starry and celestial that happens as airwaves meld with the natural acoustics of an ancient redwood forest, whose reach penetrates deeper into the ether compared to any average man made radio tower antenna, that makes these DJ's so much fun to listen to. Maybe it is all those Sasquatch sightings, or the canopy enshrouded in labyrinths of woody, mossy fog, or even the golden glowing banana slugs that give way to an 'Alice in Wonderland' like misty magical feeling of fantasy and familiarity that makes KRFH's unique personality shine through.

Well, we are entitled to having our unlimited creative ideas and whimsical imaginations. On top of that, we have more easily digested reasons for choosing KRFH, and it comes down to this; they are a college station with a contagious, collaborate creative force that just can't be denied. They appreciate their listeners and are proud to call themselves "number1 for requests". They wasted no time getting on board with RadioFlag shortly after the site launched, connecting and interacting with new listeners and promoting their shows on the app around the clock. KRFH became one of its bravest early adopters and socially engaging additions to the RadioFlag family of stations.

There is positive vibe and sense of connection at KRFH. These DJs are not just ships passing by in the night. They generally seem to know, care, support and bond with each other. KRFH feels and sounds like a college community within a college campus, and the constantly changing PSA's are produced with creativity, humor, and team work among a variety of DJs on its staff. In that same spirit, we think KRFH captures the essence of College life in the truest and idealist sense. Collaboration, Community, Connection and Friendships, Freedom, Creative Flow, Idealism, Positivity, Experimental, Discovery, Fierce Fiery Fearlessness, Activism, Fun loving, Free spirit, Outrageous and Out of the Box. If you think Humboldt is all granola without the rock n rolla, tis' not the case. Did we mention that they Roll with Resilience and Resourcefulness? Do you think not having a terrestrial signal would hold these fierce free form peaceful warriors back? This station is 100% internet radio, which suits their DIY style, and RadioFlag is happy to meet them along this journey, into the sublimely spirited radiowaves. That's how real college radio rolls.....

By RadioStar Blog writer: Air Ambrosia

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