RadioStar Awards is No Longer an Active Program

New Programs Coming Soon

We have enjoyed holding the RadioStar Awards contest since soon after we launched RadioFlag. It has successfully enabled a diverse group of talented broadcasters and their content to be spotlighted, whether it be talk, music or sports, and has created a spirited comradery among Radio DJs / Presenters streaming from around the world. There have been many deserving nominees and winners, and they will remain posted on our website for a period of time, until we wind down the program entirely. We have achieved many of our objectives with the RadioStar Awards program, and want to thank all participants who have contributed to its success!

RadioFlag will re-allocate its RadioStar Awards resources, and now dedicate them to create new programs, features, functionality, tools and platforms to better promote internet radio broadcasters who share their content with listeners around the world via RadioFlag. The new products and services we are developing will enable our users to receive even more recognition, and further expand their audience. At some point we may even also consider re-launching the RadioStar Awards in a new and improved format.

Stay Tuned