Getting Airplay: Three Step Process with tips.

Set Up an Account then Search, Connect and Get Airplay!


Before getting started, set up a free account (Setting up your profile in a captivating way is an important step if you want to capture fans, so don't hold back here). Upload your bands logo - avatar that reflects your personal branding , style or personality; one that aims to attract like minded music connoisseurs. Provide links such as a website, soundcloud, youtube, etc... Use descriptive search terms in your profile, such as genre, style, geographical location, music interests, instruments, etc... These will help selective music lovers from all over find you, connect with you and tune in to you.

   #2: CONNECT


What's 'Got Airplay?'

Why Airplay on College Radio?

Be a DIY Artist

How to Network

Etiquette - Do's and Don'ts

The Extra Benefits

We can't wait to hear back from you when you get some radio airplay, or when you book an on-air interview or even a live radio - in studio session. When that happens, we will be happy to spread the word to our bloggers, who are always interested in helping promote up and coming artists! Together we will save and celebrate the RadioStars!

Rock On. Shine On. Flag On!

The RadioFlag Team