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App Description

RadioFlag serves Listeners, DJs and Music Artists, where here all three create a 'Connective Listening' LIVE radio experience. The RadioFlag app is Social - Real Live Radio with a global reach, available for free on the Web, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. RadioFlag allows Indie, College, Internet and Community DJs and radio hosts from around the world, to be spotlighted and promoted, so listeners everywhere can discover their shows as well as other diverse and unique content that interests them, not found on mainstream radio.

Unlike computer generated playlist apps, RadioFlag's co-created online community encourages spontaneity. Here live DJ's and dynamic Radio Personalities broadcast sounds and substance that naturally connects with current interests, and also allows for exploration and new discovery for a worldwide audience; from the freshest trend setting music and distinctive sub genres, to the most original content related to news, sports, entertainment, events and enlightening information found anywhere.

Also serving as a platform to promote emerging Artists by offering them airplay on real radio, RadioFlag music DJs will regularly introduce listeners to new emerging bands; enabling real social engagement and instant real time feedback between Artists, DJs, and an international listening audience.

Here while connecting and communicating with DJ's, Artists and fellow Listeners in real time who like what you like; you can listen from anywhere - anytime, enhancing your mood with spontaneous living radio, the pulse of emerging music and culture, here and now!

RadioFlag using its social media and mobile platforms, introduces Radio to a New Generation of Listeners the way it was meant to be heard. So take a break from listening to homogenized radio and that same playlist over and over again, and get informed and entertained in a way only living - breathing "Real Radio" can deliver!


What is the RadioFlag Experience?

Once you sign up and get connected on RadioFlag, you'll enter a live radio - interactive listening playground. Instantly you will be able to view DJs in the community who are On-Air live, and tune in to those who are "Flagging" and occupying the sound waves with radio content that grabs your attention. You will also be able to search for your favorite music genres, or other topics that custom fit your interests, and discover the DJs, Hosts, and Shows that are showcased in RadioFlag's social radio sound-garden, that match the frequency and flavor your ear buds crave.

You will be able to add these shows and DJs to your favorites, so you can easily keep track of their activity, connect with them to make requests, get airplay, and even receive notifications when they message you directly. At any time you can go from being a connected 'passive explorer' to an 'active and engaged' Connective Listener, simply by interacting with other listeners, and the live DJs utilizing RadioFlag who want to hear from you. These DJs appreciate the loyal listeners that tune in to them from all over the world. They show it by giving back to their audience in many ways; from Flagging you personal feedback, playing your requests, giving you on air shout outs, offering ticket giveaways, supporting new talent by giving Artists radio airplay, and maybe even sending you some sweet - fun radio station swag.

So if the idea of having your own personal DJ has ever appealed to you, or if you are an up and coming Artist looking to get airplay on a global stage without the complex payola schemes big corporate radio presents, then you've joined the right network. RadioFlag is not just another impersonal music app. It's a tuned in international community of listeners where like - minded, beneficial, and reciprocal relationships can be formed; ones that can be really fun, far reaching and serendipitous. Whether a radio DJ is hosting a themed talk format, or is into spinning music vibes, they are curators of a specialized interest that appeals to you, the selective - connected listener.

For Music Artists, you will discover DJs who share your music style, and those who do, can most definitely help you get your sound out there, moving and grooving on the live airwaves. The result is easy and instant DIY Radioplay on a global stage, live session invites, and instant feedback from an engaged live audience. Artists can continue to get their tracks played on air, invited to perform live in studio, promoted by RadioFlag as "Artist of the Day" and blogged about on our RadioStar Blog. It's simple: Just tune in, make a connection, and get your vibe on!

Mission / Vision Statement

To be the preeminent gateway application to the most dynamic, customized, socially engaged, and freshest live radio content the world has to offer. To ignite a real radio renaissance, and to serve as a catalyst for "Connective Listening" everywhere, where truly independent and exceptional talent, ideas, interests, and tastes can occupy the sound waves; coming together to ultimately empower living radio to better entertain, educate, and enlighten in the most technologically advanced, portable, transferrable, success generating and equitable way possible.

Ultimately, we aim to harness and supercharge the power of spontaneous 'Real Radio', to facilitate social actions, that serve to stimulate interest based explorations, promotional sharing, and an entrepreneurial DIY spirit. We will achieve this mission by staying committed to our own expansion, growth and improvement, by remaining aware of our users' ever evolving needs, addressing current ones quickly, thinking forward, surpassing expectations and going beyond perceived limitations.

How RadioFlag serves its community of Listeners, DJs and Artists

Listeners: Deliver to listeners the freshest on-air-live radio content and connections, through optimal search-ability, meaningful social engagement and discoverability - custom tailored to align with their evolving interests.

DJs and Radio Hosts: Provide Radio DJs of all types, access to options and features for live interactions with an engaged listener base, and a spotlighted platform in which to uphold their own distinct style and content - to kindle and sustain their special role as curators of selective content, arbiters of taste, trendsetters, and authentic talent advocates and promoters of new and precious talent.

Music Artists: Empower Artists through the power of 'Connective Listening' to get discovered and heard on a global stage, by helping facilitate DIY self-promotion for radio play via direct online connections with DJs, generating real time social engagement and feedback from new listeners and fans which serve to generate ample ROA; return on action!

How is RadioFlag unique?

✓ RadioFlag is a living, breathing and spontaneous 'Social Radio' experience, with options for real time social engagement between broadcasters and a live listening audience vs. pre-recorded shows, podcasts and push button playlist services now identified as 'pure play' internet music streaming companies.

✓ RadioFlag represents a human element to music and content discovery, where live and liberated DJs and radio personalities act as arbiters of new music and promoters of emerging talent, curators of specialty styles and genres, and connoisseurs of selective talk topics. Here an on-air live being, will recommend your 'new favorite band', showcase your favorite genre, or highlight a topic of personal interest to you, in ways computer algorithm powered services simply don't offer.

✓ RadioFlag serves as an online global community with connectivity, personality and valuable human resources vs. solely being an aggregator of radio stations.

✓ RadioFlag creates a way for new talent of all kinds to self promote, and get radioplay on a global stage in an equitable way vs. 'under the table' pay to play, questionable payola arrangements.

✓ RadioFlag allows users to tune in to all participating contributor radio shows and stations in its open network. RadioFlag gives its DJs resources, tools, and tips on how to get heard, receive airplay, and / or broadcast their own distinct live content in a non homogenized - all inclusive limitless forum vs. restrictive and / or exclusive radio applications and / or standardized mainstream radio networks.

✓ RadioFlag offers a selective and exclusive listening experience, by allowing its online community to operate as a filter for quality. Shows, Artists and DJs that trend and or are listener approved / voted up - will be promoted, recommended, and highlighted by RadioFlag to a larger listening audience. RadioFlag endorses the cream that rises to the top in authentic ways vs. questionable inducement methods available to only few industry insiders.

✓ RadioFlag upholds a unified and diverse audience of radio enthusiasts that tune in through its app from most countries around the world, seeking to share, interact and connect with those with similar interests, and others who seek to discover new sounds, interests, and talent from near and far away places vs. a one station only app that limits and isolates listenership, to a single signal in one geographical area.

✓ RadioFlag supports its earliest adopters and most loyal users representing College Radio DJs from across the country and others around the world. Launching from a campus radio station and then being selected as the original official College Community Radio app; RadioFlag greatly appreciates the fact that music trends ignite first on the college scene, and spread from there. Since then, RadioFlag has grown organically, entirely by word of mouth, with no marketing budget. RadioFlag remains a 100% Self funded company, guided only by the mission of its team members to serve its users in purposeful and unique ways, versus companies who only exist to serve their outside investors and shareholders.

✓ RadioFlag embodies a powered up culture of new innovative ideas, execution of those ideas, creative 'win win' collaborations with its users, and a core belief that reaching peak potential is as fun and fulfilling as it is challenging and never ending, versus upstarts who are beholden to 'in the box' thinking and limiting ideas.

What is a 'Flag'?

It's a 140 character message, used by members of the RadioFlag community to interact. Post your thoughts, opinions and requests by Flagging DJs and fellow listeners. Also, don't forget to share flags with your friends on Facebook and Twitter using the share button / settings.

Your Profile

Hey Listeners, Upload a pic, add you interests and tell us where you're from. DJ's love that!

Are you a DJ? Include details about your show, so users can search and find you easily (Don't forget day and time, genres, styles, and or specialized content that is descriptive of your show) Also Mac users, check out 'RadioFlagDJ', and app exclusively designed for DJs.

Are you a Music Artist? Tell us details about your band. Include geographical location and descriptors like genre, style, unique instruments, etc., so that you can match up with fans and DJs that are searching for an Artist like you. Feel free to flag about interviews, events, new record releases and concert info. You never know who may see it on RadioFlag!

Need a Radio Stream for a new or existing station?

Shoot us an email at We'll take care of the rest.

When did RadioFlag launch?

RadioFlag launched regionally in April, 2011 from college radio station KUCI, on the campus of University of California, Irvine. RadioFlag has been adopted by Community, Indie, Internet and College DJs, on Radio Stations and networks throughout the U.S and around the world.

RadioFlag launched on a national scale when it was named the first Official App of the first ever College Radio Day in October of 2011.

RadioFlag's founding team includes a collection of business professionals, a young and talented team of engineers, former college DJs, and current major network and hall of fame broadcast professionals, with three Major Sports Championship rings between them. Two NBA Championship rings and one NFL Super Bowl ring.

What is the meaning behind the name RadioFlag?

The Founder believed with the advent of internet Radio and the tens of thousands of new stations that came along with it, combined with existing terrestrial stations broadcasting from all over the world, listeners who love live radio, deserved a better way to find exactly what they wanted to hear, no matter how narrow their interests. The company is accomplishing this by presenting all stations to a global audience under one unifying 'Radio Flag' so to speak, and connecting listeners and DJ's on a social radio platform using micro-messages referred to as 'Flags', so they can all share in the way live radio was meant to be heard.

What does the RadioFlag logo represent?

The RadioFlag logo depicts two flags … the one in blue representing socially connected listeners and the other in white - the DJs / Broadcasters they tune in to and interact with.

Where are RadioFlag's offices located?

Right on the water in beautiful Newport Beach, CA. Surf's up!

Does RadioFlag offer Internships?

Yes, in fact RadioFlag recognizes and appreciates the potential of young college students and recent graduates, as well as professionals that embrace the "new entrepreneurial" mindset-one that is receptively open, friendly, and flexible to the expansion of "what's possible". The company offers a fun and exciting internship program not found anywhere else, where the rewards can be far more than just the work experience for select stand out interns. We are always considering applicants in the following categories: Software Engineers, Public Relations, Marketing and Promotions and even Music Bloggers.

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